Is your computer running slow? Over time your computer gets slower and slower and it may not necessarily be memory or Hard drive problems. Sometimes there are configuration issues that may cause your computer to perform sluggishly. Here at we approach the problem from a variety of angles to assure that we get the best results for our customers, because there are a variety of reasons why your computer may run slow.

Preventive maintenance
While there aren’t any permanent solutions to reinsure that the problem won’t rear its ugly head later on in the future, there are ways to decrease the probability of reoccurrence. In repairing your performance issue we also set parameters which will continue to protect your pc for months and years to come.


Preventive maintenance

  • Virus protection update
  • Software Verification
  • Software Configuration
  • Fragmented File repair
  • Windows Updates
  • Driver updates
  • Security updates
  • Defrag Schedule
  • Web and E-Mail safety

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