Technology Install:
Whether your acquiring new technology or just revamping and upgrading to new software and need professional support to make sure things are done right, Installing New Technology has more to do with making sure you get the function you paid for than just connecting components together. Every component on your new technology has an optimum configuration allowing you to get the most out of your purchase.

Technology Evaluation:
Sometimes reconfiguring your old technology can be as good as getting new technology. We offer evaluation services that can help you to use you current technology to its maximum efficiency while keeping you informed on impending upgrades necessary to keep up your intended initiative. We come to your home or your office.

Hardware Install

Software Install

  • Laptop Deployment & Setup
  • Desktop Deployment & Setup
  • Multiple Screen & Extended Monitor Setup
  • Printer deployment & Setup
  • Sound & Video Cards
  • Adobe install
  • Microsoft Office suite Setup
  • Windows Setup
  • POS Point of Sale

Give us a brief description of your problem and A certified Professional will be in contact with you Within an Hours time