RISR Registration Form


Please fill out this form in its entirety to submit information needed to register referrals and receive payments for referrals. The completion of this form doesn’t by any means imply employment with OnCallTechServices but rather a registration in pursuant of registered independent sales rep status (RISR) with OnCallTechServices. OnCallTechServices will pay $25.00 for every verified referral who successfully completes a transaction with OnCallTechServices through a submission by a Registered Independent Sales Representative (RISR) or $4.00 dollars per verified lead within 30 calendar days. Unverified leads will not be paid out and if found to be fraudulent will rescind (RISR) status of submitter with OnCallTechServices. Every measure will be taken to verify that all Information sent through OnCallTechServices.com is accurate and are valid leads.

Please create a Registered Independent Sales Representative ID by using

First letter of your First name, your last name and two digit year of your birth (Example) James william born 1981 = Jwilliam81